Great ideas needs great solutions

2dNorth is a small Startup Company in the Malmö region, Sweden. We know that there are some really good ideas out there on the market, but they doesn’t always work. We want to make those ideas great and usable.

We don’t want to talk about ”how we will change peoples life” trough our solutions. We just want to give life to great ideas. And, by doing that, we will in the end, change and simplify your users life.

We believe in “DDC”

Design, Development and Collaboration is everything. Each process and domain has it’s own way of doing things, that we respect. But it’s the collaboration in our team that makes us great and reaching the goals.

Our Projects

Right now we are developing an iOS application for (can’t tell you)… But, our goal is to release our application in Q4 2018. Right now we can’t say much more than that. Stay updated through our blog


Big thx to Unsplash, photo by Andrea Windolph